Body Rituals


Therapeutic massage with soft and slow movements which allow your nerve system to relax and free up from stress.

60 min $89

90 min $129

Deep Tissue

A massage with deep pressure allowing your muscles and joints to rest.

60 min $98

90 min $139

Hot Stone

A warm and relaxing massage combined with hot stones that are vital for an in-depth muscle relaxation and help harmonize the body and soul.

60 min $98

90 min $139


A technique which combines massage and stretching which improves the state of the muscle tissues.

60 min $98

90 min $139

Lymphatic Drainage

Consists of a soft and repetitive massage which activates the Iymph and eliminates toxins.

60 min $105

90 min $145


Indulge in a hot atmosphere with our hand crafted candle massage specially made of palm wax, cacao and chai extract which helps to better nourish and protect the skin. Also helpful for soothing aching muscles.

60 min $98

90 min $139

Enrich your massage experience

Add one of our famous body scrubs and wraps FOR ONLY $49.

Dushi Aruba (Aloe)

Colombian (Coffee)

Exotic bunch (Fruits)

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